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As experienced attorneys with over 25 years of experience in the field, Geoffrey Guill, Attorney of Baytown, TX has helped our clients triumph over complicated legal tussles. As far as child and spousal support are concerned, you can be sure to get compassionate and excellent legal representation.


We handle family law disputes with utmost care. Feel confident to tell us what you are going through. Our legal professionals are there to help you out.

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Know the factors that affect child support

  • Public assistance and expectations based on each child's circumstances

  • Amount of time each parent has shared with children and corresponding expectations

  • Circumstances based on pre-divorce earnings

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Spousal support can become a major issue depending on the disparity in earnings of spouses. As per the law, the husband and wife, so long as they are registered domestic partners, owe each other a certain degree of support. However complicated the situation, we will be able to help you come out of it.

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